A Small Coat Rack on the Plane DIY In A Day

Whenever you are looking for a fantastic craft project that the children will enjoy, consider building DIY Make This Coat and Mitten Rack. You can use your child’s favorite cartoon character to create a coat hanger or even use the colours from their favorite sports team to make their unique mitten hangers. These things can be found at dollar stores and craft shops. The excellent thing about these items is that they are very inexpensive. You could also find them at flea markets, garage sales and craft shows.

Building a DIY Make This Coat and Mitten Rack will Probably Be fun for the whole family. They can use their imagination to make it look just like their favourite character or they can also use their imagination and make it seem just like a coat hanger they would hang in their room. You can purchase these at your neighborhood dollar store. If you are not able to find some in your area, you can always purchase them online and have them shipped to your door.

Your children are going to enjoy having their very own mittens and coats.   The kids will get a kick out of the use of strong bar magnets to hold up wet mitten and jacketsThey’ll get as much use out of these accessories. It is an excellent way to teach your kids how to take decent care of their possessions. Your kids will have memories of placing ac repair their own coat on and hanging their own mittens as soon as they finish their job. They may even wish to teach their children how to make their own coat hangers too.

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Bill Of Materialsver 1.644208COST
Item#ReferencePart NumberPackage
12.066666667CabinetsC3216Y5V1E106Zmagnetcms magnetics
22.066666667Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″A31174-NDLED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMDcabinet magnets
32.066666667Crown, light rail molding and kick-plateRC0805FR-0749R9LMagnetic SphereMagnets For Sale
42.066666667Knobs or HandlesTPS60403DBVAPT2012SRCPRVMcMaster-Carr
52.066666667Counter topPTS645SL50SMTR LFSmagnetic toysAnalog Devices
62.066666667Backsplash/groutPL603035neodymium magnetsDigi-Key
2.066666667FaucetBAT54C51374-2073-PEnclosure BottomDigi-Key
92.066666667Disposal51374-2073-PResistor 820kΩ 1%Molex
102.066666667Under cabinet lightsSJ-3523-SMTEnclosure BottomLittelfuse
112.066666667Upper cabinet lightsA32298-NDRES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMDKingBright Corp
121.842424242AppliancesC3216Y5V1E106ZPackageMagnetic Sphere
141.393939394Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″RC0805FR-0749R9LLED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMDAnalog Devices
151.16969697Crown, light rail molding and kick-plateTPS60403DBVResistor 180kΩ 1%Digi-Key
160.9454545455Knobs or HandlesPTS645SL50SMTR LFSAPT2012SRCPRV
170.7212121212Counter topPL603035neodymium Magnets (to fit Cabinets)Enclosure Bottom
180.496969697Backsplash/groutneodymium magnetsMolex
200.04848484848Faucet51374-2073-P51374-2073-PKingBright Corp
21-0.1757575758DisposalSJ-3523-SMTResistor 820kΩ 1%Magnetic Sphere
22-0.4Under cabinet lightsA32298-NDEnclosure BottomMcMaster-Carr
23-0.6242424242Upper cabinet lightsC3216Y5V1E106ZRES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMDAnalog Devices
26-1.296969697Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″TPS60403DBVLED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMDEnclosure Bottom
27-1.521212121Crown, light rail molding and kick-platePTS645SL50SMTR LFSResistor 180kΩ 1%Molex
28-1.745454545Knobs or HandlesPL603035APT2012SRCPRVLittelfuse
29-1.96969697Counter topneodymium magnetsKingBright Corp
30-2.193939394Backsplash/groutBAT54Cneodymium magnetsMagnetic Sphere
32-2.642424242FaucetSJ-3523-SMT51374-2073-PAnalog Devices
33-2.866666667DisposalA32298-NDResistor 820kΩ 1%Digi-Key
34-3.090909091Under cabinet lightsC3216Y5V1E106ZEnclosure Bottom
35-3.315151515Upper cabinet lightsA31174-NDRES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMDEnclosure Bottom
36-3.539393939AppliancesRC0805FR-0749R9Lwith bar magnetsMolex

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